Coffee farms in Nepal are located in remote areas where the mountains are very steep and farming is difficult. YETI ROASTERY. COFFEE strongly supports sustainability and work directly with the farmers to encourage them for natural farming. Farmers in Nepal do traditional way of farming. Instead of using chemicals and harmful fertilizers, they use composed and cow-dung to fertilize the soil. YETI ROASTERY. COFFEE supports the natural way of farming and buys only special coffee beans which grows in the terrains and mountains and where no trees are cut for the farming. Our Vision is mainly to focus on sustainable farming. We educate farmers about the importance of sustainable community development, chemical free coffee, Aromatic taste and above all Smile is the main motive for us.

Nature of Himalaya

We use high altitude produced coffee beans which grown in foothills of Himalayan region, Nepali coffee is unique in character gowning in one of the northernmost coffee regions in the world, Nepal coffee farms built on the principals of healthy, ecology, fairness and care for the communities. our coffee grown from1,200meteres to 1,550 meters, high altitude grown coffee has deep and unforgettable taste.
Because of freezing temperature, pure air and natural water of Himalaya, our coffee’s aging and maturity process is slow, slow growing processed beans brings more nutrients in the beans which makes coffee beans harder, hard beans are more flavored and taste last longer in mouth. We strongly believe in quality than quantity, our selections are less but top on taste and quality, our beans collected from small farmers.
Awarded “Best producer of 2016’ by the government of Nepal, and best gourmet coffee of 2016’ at the 2ndinternational contest of coffee roasted in their countries of origin competition in Paris.

Its roasted by coffee meister

One of the most fascinating aspects of coffee is the roasting process. This takes the green coffee seeds, which have almost no taste, and transforms them into incredibly aromatic coffee beans.
Roasting coffee is not merely a matter of putting green beans into the roaster and taking them out when they are brown. Green beans vary in density and moisture content.
These variations have an enormous impact on the bean’s ability to absorb heat, and hence, their progress in the roast. There is also the overriding element of intent: What inherent qualities in this coffee does the roaster wish to highlight? As such the coffee roaster is not bound to any particular and potentially limiting style of roasting.

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